Redbrook Technology's Services

Redbrook offer a range of technical services, from on site pc servicing and repairs to large scale application development. If you need changes made to any of your existing Microsoft Office applications - Excel Macros, Access utilities, give us a call. We can update your software, or we can write you a new software application that will enhance your organisation, and make your working procedures more efficient.

At Redbrook, we have strived to ensure that our software development techniques are efficient, and up to date.

We can help to enhance your business processes through development of bespoke software. We will take the time to understand your business thoroughly and deliver a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Software Application Development

At Redbrook Technology, we have many years of experience in developing mission critical software applications for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

We take a very concientious approach to working with clients, and documenting their business processes to allow us to develop tailored applications that will reduce procedural complexities, and make the business more efficient. We believe that software applications should be intuitive to use, and users should require the minimum of training to get going.

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Ms Access to VB.NET conversion

Ms Access is a great tool for building quick and dirty database systems to use in a small business. However, as the number of users grows, and the technical demands become more complex, you can quickly find that your needs outstretch its' capabilities. There are many good reasons to migrate your Access application to VB.NET, but it can be a complicated process. Redbrook Technology can help

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Technical Support

At Redbrook Technology, we understand the difficulties of running a small business, and trying to avoid the sort of disasters that can occurr from having poorly maintained computer equipment. We also know that businesses often avoid having maintenance and updates performed on their computer systems, as they can't afford to have them away from the business for a week, while at the local computer repair shop.

We can visit your business, and perform a survery of all of the PCs on site, and create a report for any software updates, anti virus issues, backup plans, and hardware upgrades that may be required. We can then produce a plan for expediting these changes in a way that will cause minimum disruption to your business.

If possible, we will perform updates and hardware upgrades on site, so that you will not be without your critical systems for any length of time.

Call us today on 07782170638 to discuss your hardware issues.