Our Product Range

We currently have three software products for sale - TrailBlazer for Computer repair tracking centres, Evolution for converting MS Access apps to VB.Net, and CodeSpark for generating .NET web forms and Data Access Code from databases.

Keep track of your repairs easily with TrailBlazer

TrailBlazer is a .NET web based application for running a computer repair shop. It has some very powerful features that automate many of the processes that would normally take up a lot of your time - alerting technicians to new work items, calling customers to let them know their repair is complete, generating invoices and booking-in sheets etc. etc.

Call now on +44(0)1633 674291 or +44(0)7782 170638 to discuss your requirements, or email us at sales@redbrooktech.com 

Convert MS Access apps to VB.NET with Evolution

The Evolution MS Access to VB.NET converter is a very powerful tool that can save a development team thousands of hours of time in converting legacy VBA based Access applications to VB.NET winforms. At the click of a button, forms and code modules are converted to VB.NET files to be added to your project - it even generates the project files. If your Access application uses DAO code, Evolution will do a great job of converting it to ADO.NET.

Download a trial version now - Evolution Access Converter V1.2.1


Create full ASP.NET apps with CodeSpark

CodeSpark is our latest piece of software for sale. Given a MS SQL database, it will examine the datatables, and generate ASP.NET webforms, data classes , control classes, and stored procedures from them. The outputted code can be either VB or C#. This tool has saved us many, many hours of coding in the past, and now we are making it available for sale. If you are developing large Web Applications with .NET, then CodeSpark would make an incredible addition to your coding tools arsenal.

Download CodeSpark here - DownloadIt's Free!

CodeSpark is available for purchase at the very low price of £45. Purchase your copy now.