Free ASP.NET Forms and Code Generator

Create full C#/VB ASPX applications with Data access code from your SQL database

CodeSpark is the latest, greatest coding tool from Redbrook Technology. CodeSpark generates complete ASP.NET applications from a SQL database. CodeSpark generates the webforms,  backing code for data updates, data classes, control classes and stored procedures for every table in your database. This tool is free to use as you wish.

If you would like to purchase a developers code licence, please enquire.

CodeSpark .NET Code Generator

CodeSpark is very easy to use, requiring only a few clicks to generate all of the base code you will need to build your new application. Once the code has been generated, simply add the new files to your .NET Web project, and start adding in the extra business logic. All of the forms created are linked to a Master page, so it is very simple to change the overall visual design.

We have used CodeSpark to build our own applications, so we know how powerful it really is. It has saved us thousands of hours of precious time by taking care of all of the labourious work of building forms with all of the required controls, and data update code - this is a massive boon for any developer.

Download CodeSpark here - CodeSpark V1.01

System Requirements -  Windows XP/Vista/7 64 bit with 2GB RAM, 100MB free hard drive space, .NET framework 4.0 and MS SQL Server 2008 installed.

The code generated by this incredible tool is well structered, and OOP based, so that each table in the database spawns an entity class, and control class (with DAL code), along with update/create forms and a selection form using standard datagrids.

CodeSpark will generate full ASP.NET webforms with appropriate controls for each field type (date pickers for Date fields, check boxes for boolean fields etc). Text fields also have validation controls associated with them (these can then be deleted as required).

If required, CodeSpark can also generate selection forms for each table (with a datagrid, datasource, and selection click event).

Many hours of tedious hand coding of forms and DAL code can be avoided by using CodeSpark to create them for you.

We hope you find CodeSpark very useful for creating your new web applications. If you do, perhaps you would like to donate to a very worthy cause - allowing us to buy some nice coffee! Donate any amount you see fit, or however much you think we deserve. Anything helps us to develop this, and other products further. We hope to keep CodeSpark free, rather than ask people for money up front, but this software takes a lot of time to develop, and update. Please give whatever you like -