Custom Software Development Services

Building really great quality software for your business

At Redbrook Technology, we can upgrade existing apps, or build a web or windows app to suit your specific business needs.

Data driven applications for workflow, customer relationship, and information storage are our main speciality. We work closely with our clients to determine their business process, and turn this into a robust software system.

Software is all about improving efficiency, and increasing productivity. Software should fit well with the way your staff work, and meet your business requirements.

Redbrook Technology, of South Wales, are specialists in developing software applications for small to medium sized businesses and we excel at deriving requirements from clients and translating them into great software products.

Our Software makes your life easier

Our software products are designed to save your company time and money. If you are in the business of developing Web based applications in .NET yourself, then you might consider using our ASP.NET code generation tool - CodeSpark, which can generate web forms and classes from your database, saving you potentially thousands of hours of work. We use it ourselves, so we know how much time and effort it saves.

We also have great home grown tool for converting Microsoft Access applications to VB.NET called Evolution. You can read more about it, and download a trial version here.


Repair shop management - Trailblazer

If you are running a busy Computer Repair centre, then you will need our fully featured repair tracking system - TrailBlazer. TrailBlazer takes care of your repair business, and provides you with a range of features that really help to take the strain. Reports and statistics keep you abreast of performance, while automated messaging mean that your technicians, and clients know exactly what is going on at all times.


Some customer comments -

Thanks for your quick support and Trailblazer is a brilliant product - CJ Laing.

I am really pleased with the functionality and ease of use of this program and my staff have embraced it without issue . I have spent a little bit of time exploring the software today and have been amazed at the amount of features that I have discovered.

- Clive.R.Sanham - PCSimple